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Broadway Unbound

A week in the life of P.R.


  • “We are all competing for the same entertainment dollars in a climate where theater isn’t always first on the list.”
    -- Margo Lion, lead producer of Triumph of Love
  • The Lion King may be roaring like thunder but . . . it cannot drown out the lively buzz these days in . . . downtown playhouses.”
    -- New York Times
  • “Not since the 1992 flop Nick and Nora has such a high profile show tumbled as often as The Capeman has.”
    -- New York Daily News
  • “The show’s producers announced that The King and I will close. . . . Ticket sales . . . have dipped during Broadway’s traditional winter doldrums.”
    -- New York Post
  • “New York is a different kind of beast. . . . Audiences here . . . have this attitude of ‘Been there, done that.’”
    -- Brian Stokes Mitchell, Coalhouse Walker in Ragtime
  • “Broadway is breaking records and is well on its way to the highest total gross in history.”
    -- Variety


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