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Spin Cycle: Civil Disobedience

A week in the life of P.R.


  • “Mr. Giuliani said again that he would not talk to Mr. Greene the Grammys honcho who shouted at a mayoral aide until he had heard genuine contrition instead of a ‘phony apology.’”
    --New York Times

  • “If you want to abuse a member of my staff, abuse me and see if you get away with it.”
    --Mayor Giuliani

  • “Greene insisted that he spoke to the mayoral aide ‘in a very civil manner.’”
    --New York Post

  • “We are big supporters of Giuliani. . . . We’re very hopeful that we can kiss and make up soon.”
    --Michael Greene

  • “It was wrong of me to yell and scream at a member of your staff. . . . It was wrong of me to threaten to kill her . . . it’s not going to happen again. . . . That apology, I accept in a second.”
    --Mayor Giuliani

  • “An apology is only sincere and real when it is given privately. Real grown up people handle things quietly. Apologies are not supposed to be media events.”
    --Letitia Baldrige, etiquette authority


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