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Spin Cycle: Razor’s Edge

A week in the life of P.R.


  • “Gillette introduced its triple-blade Mach 3 . . . aimed at . . . men.”
    --Associated Press

  • “The company will have invested more than $1 billion on the new product by the time the launch is over.”
    --Financial Times

  • “The company’s shares, which rose 3 percent . . . in anticipation of the product introduction, fell by about the same amount yesterday . . . put off by Mach 3’s price.”
    --New York Times

  • “Gillette did not say when a women’s version of Mach 3 would be available.”
    --New York Post

  • “I think it’s appalling to spend that much money on promoting a razor when men don’t shave as much as women.”
    --spokesperson for Women’s Services at Gay Men’s Health Crisis

  • “It’s ridiculous that items such as razors are gendered in the first place.”
    --spokesperson for the National Organization for Women


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