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Spin Cycle:
The Slur That Dare Not Speak Its Name

A Week in the Life of P.R.


  • “The police department’s most senior chaplain is retiring amid controversy over whether he used a slur when referring to a gay prosecutor.”

    -- Associated Press

  • “Mr. Kalaidjian used an anti-gay slur to refer to Thomas Hickey.”

    -- New York Times

  • “Kalaidjian . . . said, ‘Whoops, I almost called him what he is, that fag.’”

    -- Daily News

  • “The reverend . . . would not say whether he used the slur.”

    -- Newsday

  • “I should have just called him a jerk, but yes, I did use the word fag.”

    -- New York Post

  • “I have a problem with anybody who uses a derogatory racial, sexual, or ethnic comment.”

    -- Police Commissioner Howard Safir

  • “If you call anybody a fag or a faggot, that’s just a term guys use. It doesn’t mean anything.”

    -- William Kalaidjian

  • “I have said it both to my cousin Nick and my late uncle Hughey . . . both gay.”

    -- New York Post’s Steve Dunleavy


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