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Brand X: Jean Therapy


Brand: Levi's
Agency: TBWA/ Chiat/Day (SF)
Creative Director: Chuck McBride

If only Big Brother were this charming. In a new spot, Levi's offers up an amusing series of surveillance shots of people trying on Levi's in a dressing room. The P.O.V. is from behind the mirror, as if some creepy mall-store manager has set up a hidden camcorder to capture customers in all their half-naked glory. The clips we see, though, are not at all titillating. They're endearing: A tall guy does a tentative dip while checking out how his butt looks in his jeans. A middle-aged woman does a thigh-caressing hip swivel. A teenager flexes his arms homeboy-style and then moves his head in cocky I'm so smooth formation. Each gets just a few seconds onscreen, but the shots are unified by an overlaid disco soundtrack, as if to suggest that dressing-room contortions are a form of interpretive dance. Of course, Levi's needs to find some poetry in the mundane: The company lost tens of millions in its last fiscal year, thanks to declining sales. The new campaign gives the weary brand a quick infusion of energy and wit, and the tag line -- levi's: make them your own -- reminds you how utterly comfortable and confident you can feel when you're wearing your favorite clothes. Not to mention the little shock of recognition that'll be felt by anybody who's ever momentarily shimmied or sashayed in a mirror when nobody was looking.


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