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Gross Prophets

Lesbian catfighters. Blind boxers. Aging strippers. These are a few of radio hosts Opie and Anthony's favorite things. Now they've helped the duo win an estimated $30 million contract to go national.


What's going on with the amputee girl?" Anthony Cumia demands during a break in "The Opie and Anthony Show." But neither partner Gregg "Opie" Hughes, nor producer Ben Sparks, nor any of a handful of twentysomething interns and assistants has any idea what's happened to the woman who promised to come in and show off her prosthetic foot.

"The last time I spoke to her, she was leaving work," offers a producer the guys call Stinky. "She said she'd be here at five."

Cumia sips a bottle of Budweiser and shakes his head wearily. As he and Hughes face each other across the width of a peninsula-shaped console of switches and dials (at the end of which someone's carved I LOVE ANTHONY), producers run in and out of the cramped studio waving notes in front of their faces. There's a half-hour left on today's show, they've already played bingo with callers' bra sizes, and one of the contestants for the planned "Blind Boxing" bout has canceled.

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