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Smoke Up!

One bar’s response to Bloomberg’s ban: a liquid cigarette.


Self-ventilating smokers’ dens? L.A.-style patios? What’s next for New York bars? How about a smoking drink . . .

Is that a new brew by Philip Morris (I mean, Altria)? Or just a silly gimmick? The latter. It’s the Smokeless Manhattan—three ounces of Churchill’s port, Laphroaig scotch, and orange bitters that’s supposed to taste something like Marlboro Reds. It debuts at Trump World Tower’s World Bar on March 30, the day the ban starts.

Can I use it in lieu of the Patch? Nope. There’s no nicotine in the thing (that would be illegal), though it may be garnished with Nicorette gum.

Sounds sinful (and vaguely sickening). How much? The price of a “truly fine cigar,” says World Bar owner Mark Grossich. In other words, $12.50—or just $5 more than a pack of actual smokes.


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