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Intelligencer: December 6-13, 2004


Rich Dems to the DNC: Don’t You Forget about Us. (John and Teresa Didn’t.)
With the races for mayor and governor coming up, many of the Democrats’ biggest backers in New York are sending a message to the national party: You owe us! “Given that New York was responsible for probably 25 percent of money raised for presidential, Senate, and House races,” says Hassan Nemazee, John Kerry’s New York finance chair, “I would be surprised if the DNC weren’t far more proactive in supporting candidates here than they’ve been in the past.” But New York Dems have been disappointed before. The DNC failed to come through for Mark Green in 2001, and then again with gubernatorial candidate Carl McCall. “It’s been a constant source of frustration,” says fund-raiser Robert Zimmerman. “It’s time for the DNC to demonstrate its appreciation of us.” One person who is showing appreciation: Kerry. He and Teresa slipped into town on December 2 for a private thank-you reception at the Regency with top donors.
—Greg Sargent



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