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Intelligencer: February 14–21, 2005

Damon Dash goes Harvey Weinstein-hunting, final skirmish in ‘DisneyWar’, Christopher Guest’s latest ensemble satire, and more.


It Happens This Week
• Tuesday, February 15: at the Central Park Boathouse, from 4 to 6:30 P.M., Christo and Jeanne-Claude will sign a drawing from the January 24–31 issue of New York (copies of the issue will be available).
• Pitchers and catchers report to spring training, while Bloomberg hosts reelection kickoff at B.B. King’s.
• Congressional testimony from Alan Greenspan may send markets into a frenzy; rereleases of old R.E.M. albums may do the same for nostalgic rock critics.
• International types (Richard Holbrooke, Christiane Amanpour) gather for “Seeds of Peace” celeb charity auction.
• And Grand Central becomes an unlikely venue for elite athletes as “Tournament of Champions” squash competition begins.

Damon Dash Goes Harvey-Hunting
Claims to steal Weinstein’s lady-friend at Cannes.
Even if Harvey Weinstein produced Gangs of New York, he’s not exactly a gangsta. But that doesn’t mean Damon Dash won’t treat him that way. In the new issue of the highly street-credible magazine Don Diva (tagline: “Parental Advisory: Gangsta Content”), Dash, Jay-Z’s former partner in Roc- A-Fella Records, who made Paid in Full with Dimension Films (run by Harvey’s brother Bob), talks about inflicting street justice when the brothers wouldn’t give him a meeting. He began hunting Harvey. “I saw him in Cannes and I snatched his bitch— he had a girl and I knew her, so I said ‘Give me her.’ He was pissed,” Dash says. While admitting that Harvey’s a “guy that everyone was afraid of” . . . “I was like, ‘He’s a bitch.’ ” Apparently, as a result, Bob wouldn’t meet with him—unless his pal Russell Simmons was present. “I respect Russell,” Dash says, “but if I was going to do something, he’s not going to stop me.” When asked about it, Harvey refused to reheat the beef. “Damon’s a first-class talent, and I thoroughly enjoy our good-natured trash-talking,” he said through his publicist.
—Ethan Brown

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