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Intelligencer: March 7-21, 2005

Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll feeling pressure, HBO sprinkles the streets with gold, a tribute to Susan Sontag, and more.


It Happens This—and Next—Week
• Martha heads back to work, as Dan Rather leaves his post.
• Art collectors swarm the piers for the Armory Show; Basquiat lovers swarm new show at the Brooklyn Museum.
• Lots of shooting at the Garden and Film Forum: Big East tournament brings top college hoopsters to town while Shane–High Noon double bills bring classic Westerns to the screen.
• Whole Foods opens in Union Square.
• And Spamalot premieres on St. Patrick’s Day.

Reality-Fashion Victim!
Project Runway winner wants to run away.
Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll may have come a long way from kicking potential rapists out of chat rooms on the porn site he once ran in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard being the foul-mouthed future of fashion. McCarroll claims that fans have ordered at least a thousand of his tote bags off the show’s Website, and “all those come from my hands.” “I’m just a fucking one-man band. I have, like, three or four family members back home helping me. Don’t even mention the bags, because then more people will want them.” Meanwhile, he hasn’t yet been paid, so he’s still staying with a friend in Park Slope. And his contract says he no longer owns the rights to his TV designs. “I feel a bit owned,” he says. Plus he’s being stalked, but “they’re not even, like, hot indie-boy stalkers.” Then there’s the doppelgänger, Jake, who pretends to be him to get into parties. “I met him at the Marc Jacobs after-party. It was awful. I was looking at this person who thinks they look like me and I’m horrified because I do, apparently, look like that.”
—Jada Yuan

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