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Intelligencer: April 25–May 2

Bill vs. Hill in '06, the Libeskind tower moves to California, Beyoncé as the new face of St. John, and more.


It Happens This Week
•Tell your kids to take it outside: Public schools are on break.
•Climb a tree: It’s Arbor Day!
•Columbia University screens original Godzilla.
A Streetcar Named Desire opens.
•Go ride a bike: Citywide tour hits all five boroughs.
•Legendary musicians play legendary venues: Bob Dylan at the Beacon ... Snoop Dogg at the Apollo.

The Weld Factor
Bill vs. Hill—or Eliot—in ’06? GOP woos ex-governor.
Will Bill Weld do what Rudy Giuliani refused to do—namely, challenge Hillary Clinton in 2006? The former governor of Massachusetts, who currently works in private equity and lives in New York, has been telling associates that state GOP leaders have approached him and asked him to consider a statewide race against Clinton or, more likely, Eliot Spitzer, who’s seeking to replace the probably retiring Governor Pataki the same year. The consensus among political insiders is that Weld, a liberal Republican, would be reluctant to challenge Clinton, since the two are friends, having served together on the temporary staff of the Watergate task force overseen by famed lawyer Richard Ben-Veniste in the seventies. But Weld, a principal in the boutique investment firm Leeds, Weld & Co., would be a strong contender in a statewide race, allowing the state GOP to avoid the embarrassing, and increasingly likely, prospect of fielding no credible candidate in either of what will be among the most closely watched political races of 2006. He didn’t return calls for comment.
—Greg Sargent

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