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Intelligencer: May 16-23


Fear of Flying
Airbusted? Hollywood’s latest terror vehicle.
Is the new double-decker Airbus A380 so big that you can lose your kid on it? In Touchstone Pictures’ upcoming airborne nerve-racker, Flightplan, Jodie Foster plays a woman whose 6-year-old daughter goes missing during a journey from Berlin to New York. “It’s brand-new,” Foster’s character tells her awed daughter of their plane, in the trailer. “It’s got two stories. There are seven galleys, a crew quarters. It’s the biggest.” It looks awfully like the A380, which just had its maiden flight. Hardly the most opportune product placement for a megajet that has already made some passengers leery. (For one thing, who wants to fly with 554 other people?) But an Airbus spokesperson says Flightplan (which uses a fictitious brand for the plane) was news to the company. “No one is going to get lost on an A380,” she assures us. “But the people behind Flightplan certainly stayed ahead of the power curve. The movie comes out in September and the aircraft doesn’t even enter service until the middle of 2006.”
—Jada Yuan

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