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Intelligencer: June 20-27

Dave Chapelle shows up for stand-up, Robert Caro roasts the wannabe A.G., jockeying for Hillary in the Hamptons, and more.


It Happens This Week
• Billy Graham’s Queens revival
• ‘Bewitched’!
• Cézanne and Pissarro at MoMA
• ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ with Lindsay Lohan
• ‘Rize’: Yes, it’s krump time . . and gay pride!
• Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson hit Yogi Berra Stadium
• Cyclones vs. Staten Island Yankees

Surprise! It’s a Chappelle Show
Stands up in New York while Comedy Central standoff continues.
After fleeing his hit Comedy Central series for South Africa two months ago, Dave Chappelle’s back. And he wants to emphasize again that he’s not really crazy. Shortly before a sold-out 10:30 P.M. show at Gotham Comedy Club on June 10, “he just walked through the door,” says Chris Mazzilli, the owner, who got a call from his manager telling him, “I just want you to know Dave’s here, asking, ‘Do you mind if I do some time?’ ” The emcee told the audience, “The next one I’m bringing up wasn’t scheduled, but he’s just back from his worldwide tour in South Africa,” and the crowd “went mental,” says one observer. Chappelle did a half-hour show, talking about his non-craziness and Iraq. It went so well, he did another gig at 12:30. But he didn’t say whether he was going to continue the TV show. “He was funny as ever,” says Mazzilli, who’s opening a new club on West 23rd Street—the better to serve such drop-bys as Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Chappelle, who opened the current room in 1996.

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