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Intelligencer: June 20-27


Danger: Falling Paparazzo
Gyllenhaal safe inside.
Though paparazzo Steve Sands wasn’t endangering any celebrities’ lives at the launch for Hollywould’s new fashion line at the Maurice Villency store last Tuesday, he was being rather annoying. After being denied entrance by clipboard-holder Diana Kashan of Dan Klores Communications, Sands slipped in the vestibule, then lay there shouting, “Call the police! Call an ambulance! I’m going to sue.” Store owner Eric Villency rushed to the scene. “He was kind of moaning,” says Villency. “And one of the security guys was like, ‘Steve, you do this at every party we do. Just get up.’ ” Sands, for the record, claims he has never “slipped” before, “though other people’s memories may be better than mine.” Villency says he coaxed Sands outside and asked, “ ‘Well, what’s going to make you happy?’ At the end of the day, he settled out of court for a gift bag.” (Sands has, however, had his lawyer contact Kashan.) Meanwhile, inside the store, Maggie Gyllenhaal, by far the biggest star there, was blissfully unaware of the fracas—though busy fending off other overly aggressive fans, including one who told her, “I just saw Secretary on HBO on Demand. Great fucking tits.” “He’d better be a homo,” the actress muttered.
—Jada Yuan

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