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Intelligencer: June 20-27


Gay or . . . Catfight?
Details goes after GQ.
Every month, Details magazine publishes an insightful charticle called “Gay or . . .,” which explores the stylistic overlap between a gay man and, for example, an Asian man (that one got the office picketed). In the June/July issue, the vaguely gay magazine’s straight editor, Dan Peres, takes aim at GQ’s Jim Nelson, who is actually gay. Titled “Gay or Men’s Magazine Editor?” it includes such details as “Tapered Black Laceup Shoes: ‘Did they come untied again? Looks like the intern is going back under the desk.’ ” Peres insists, through a spokesperson, that “it’s a composite of the front row at the men’s shows in Milan, based on a number of editors, myself included.” But staffers at both magazines say it’s pretty clear. “Oh, it’s Jim,” says a source who knows both men. “Look at the hair and elfin effect.” The source claims that Peres long planned to use Nelson on the page. Nelson, whose magazine is also owned by Si Newhouse, says, “I haven’t seen it, but apparently I’ve been outed as a stereotype.”

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