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Intelligencer: June 27–July 11

Bloggers take on a Goonie, the sixth-day war at the "Journal," Lefty cred crisis over the IFC, and more.


It Happens This—and Next—Week
•Cycle Messenger World Championships
•International Olympic Committee votes on 2012 Games
•NBA draft at MSG
•‘War of the Worlds’
•Last day of public school
•Restaurant Week redux

Bloggers Take on Goonie
Corey Feldman, back in town, gets cyberstalked.
Days after moving to New York to star in the Off Broadway black-comedy, martial-arts version of Fatal Attraction (with dance numbers), actor Corey Feldman had his own female-stalker experience. Unsurprisingly, since this was the Lower East Side, his building was infested with bloggers, and one neighbor, Lindsay Robertson, blogged to thousands of New Yorkers about running into the former Goonie there (another blog,, then published the address). “It’s kind of dangerous, you know?” says Feldman, not only for him but for his new wife, Susie (whom he married on-camera on the reality show The Surreal Life), and their baby, Zen. Feldman, who was back in the news with the Michael Jackson trial (he was called to testify about their previous, possibly inappropriate relationship), had been “hounded every day for the last two years by every media circuit you can think of,” he says, wearily. “Every time I try to do an interview or try to do anything, it’s just . . . ” He laughs. “I guess everyone needs a punching bag.”
—Shana Liebman

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