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Fixing a Leak


L. Lewis Libby
Miller probably did not go to jail to protect Rove. They don’t run in the same Washington circles. More likely, it’s Vice-President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby, known also as “Scooter.” A vociferous champion of the Iraq war, as well as the author of a surprisingly delightful novel called The Apprentice, Scooter is a natural Miller source.

Libby, a major promoter of prewar WMD intelligence, would have been especially ticked that Wilson pooh-poohed administration claims about the Iraqi purchase of yellowcake.

Where does the scandal end?
We don’t know how many Bush officials revealed Plame’s identity to reporters. Members of the tight-lipped administration to sit down with Fitzgerald’s team include Bush, Cheney, and Alberto Gonzales. Maybe even tight lips can sink ships.


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