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Intelligencer: August 1-15


Off the Grid but on ‘GMA’ Bio-Daryl
Makes a splash.
Daryl Hannah likes to eat off other people’s plates. “Is that yours?” she asks, reaching forward and stuffing a guacamole taco into her mouth at the party for the cookbook Raw Food/Real World. “I’m gonna take it. If you don’t look fast, it’s gone.” And among the city’s eat-healthy elite, including Ann Curry, Elisabeth Röhm, and Kyle MacLachlan, Hannah stands out for her extreme commitment to being green: She lives in a completely solar-powered house in the Rockies decorated with a couch made of moss-covered stone and drives a 1983 El Camino run on recycled cooking oil. Listen up, smug Prius owners: “I get 40 miles to the gallon—Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine so farmers could make their own oil. And we’re fighting a war over gasoline?!” And don’t get her started on space tourism (“I don’t believe in punching a hole in the ozone layer just to see what’s on the other side”). Hannah apparently is okay with using energy for TV and movie production, though: Her stint as green correspondent for Good Morning America begins this week. But, she notes, “I don’t have a TV.”
—Melena Ryzik

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