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Intelligencer: August 29 to September 5


PETA Party’s Mötley Gandhi Crüe
No KFC! says Tommy Lee.
Tommy Lee unveiled his new “Ink, Not Mink” PETA ad at Home last Monday, in conjunction with the club’s launch of its new no-fur door policy. While flashbulbs captured Tommy, the club’s designer, Steve Lewis, stood at the bar, declaring the policy “Gandhi-esque.” But he’s been Gandhi-esque for a while. “I did it at Spa and Tunnel back in the day,” Lewis said. “We turned away J.Lo and P. Diddy. No one will get in here if they’re wearing fur.” He also wanted to clear up rumors about the tufted material that lines the chairs, ceiling, and walls of the club. “Everyone keeps calling it leather—it’s vinyl!” he says (though patrons can wear leather to the club with impunity). “They make it look really real these days, and it feels good. There’s no hypocrisy here. It’s not too much to save animals. When I go home and see my little dachshund and Chihuahua, I know we’re doing the right thing.” And the Gandhi-esque behavior didn’t stop there: As he was climbing in his limo to leave, Lee was approached by a homeless man who was shouting, “I love drums! I love Tommy! Can I have two dollars?” Lee rolled down his window, thumbed through his wallet, pulled out a $100 bill and said, “Dude, here’s a hundred, go nuts. Just don’t buy KFC.”
—Janelle Nanos

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