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Intelligencer: August 29 to September 5


Rod Stewart Shops for Bras
Is nicer than Angelina Jolie.
You could practically hear the strains of “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?" as Rod Stewart sat in a cubicle of the ladies’ lingerie department at Barneys, reading a copy of Simon Doonan’s book Nasty, and waiting in the next room for his pregnant fiancée, 31-year-old Penny Lancaster, who was trying on a parade of bras. One bold fan took the opportunity to walk into his room and ask for a photo and autograph (not so bizarre—that’s how he met Penny). Lancaster, who is due in December, had a bit of a struggle finding bras that fit her, according to one skivvy shopper, but the pair managed to run up a bill of $600 anyway. Then on Sunday, a slightly less affable Angelina Jolie was spotted in the same department, in jeans, wife-beater, and baby-filled Snugli. “She even snubbed the salesgirl who tried to help her,” says a witness. “She bought a black negligee and robe, but an assistant did all the interaction, including paying the bill."
—Beth Landman

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