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Intelligencer: September 12-19, 2005

Lindsay Lohan to direct, class warfare, Hamptons-style, Chuck E. Cheese's shocks Park Slope moms, and more.


It Happens This Week
• Opening night at the Met.
• Finally, the primary.
• Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative confab.
• Anniversary of British takeover of Manhattan during Revolutionary War.
• Marc Jacobs show.
• UN World Summit.

Jamie McCarthy/Wireimage  

Lohan Agonistes Lindsay to Direct!
MePa district video to dramatize her family’s feuds.
Lindsay Lohan is set to make her directorial debut later this month on the music video for her new single, called “Confessions of a Broken Heart.’’ The song features tumultuous lyrics (“a family in crisis that only grows older”) addressed to her serially incarcerated father, Michael. According to its production notes, it will be filmed in a symbolically run-down room somewhere in the meatpacking district—where suitably dilapidated spaces are in short order these days (which you’d think Lohan would’ve noticed from all those nights partying thereabouts). Lohan listens from another room, while actors portraying her parents duke it out verbally as her little sister cries in a corner. Meanwhile, the public can see inside the room, like a fishbowl.
—Beth Landman

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