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Battle of the Baldwins

Conservative sibling Stephen gets advice from big brother Billy.


What is actor Stephen Baldwin’s newfound “religious-right agenda” doing to Baldwin family unity? At the premiere of The Squid and the Whale, his older brother Billy noted that Stephen has “gotten very socially and politically active. Unfortunately on the wrong side.” Billy’s gripe isn’t with Stephen’s born-again Christianity (“except when he says the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. I’m not onboard with that”) or even his party affiliation (“I could easily see myself voting for William Weld!”), but with Stephen’s rapid political ascent. “This just came to him recently,” he says. “And now he’s on some Bush presidential committee to advise him on cultural affairs as it relates to children. As a result, he’s been appearing on television as the token Hollywood Republican. And when he’s advocating politically, clearly he’s on much thinner ice than Alec or I would be. He doesn’t understand it fully. Stephen does phenomenal work, and I’m really proud of what he does, but when you get on The O’Reilly Factor and you start talking about politics, just don’t piss me off.”

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