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McConaughey’s Miracle Hair

A renewed debate.


Matthew McConaughey was in town last week plugging his new flick, Two for the Money, and it wasn’t just teenage girls who were cooing over him. Balding men everywhere are speculating excitedly about the actor’s increasingly macho hairline. McConaughey once told David Letterman that his resprouting is the result of the topical biopharmaceutical Regenix. But the online hair-loss-forum set isn’t buying it. “No topical treatments on the planet could restore that much hair,” says member 18461. So is it transplants? A piece? Human growth hormones? (“Expensive but he can afford them,” notes one post.) On, Dr. William Rassman of the New Hair Institute speculates that he “had a good hair-transplant surgeon in conjunction with . . . Regenix.” Duncan Robinson of the Hair Club for Men says anti-baldness cognoscenti theorize it’s transplants. “We think he got them from a place called New Hair Institute.” “There are always going to be skeptics,” says a Regenix spokesperson. “McConaughey absolutely used Regenix.”

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