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Oliver Stone Has No Opinion

About the Freedom Center.


Even heedless conspiracy-monger and free-speech activist Oliver Stone—the man who posited that JFK was assassinated to escalate U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and produced The People vs. Larry Flynt—seems afraid of the 9/11 survivor-family lobby. When asked, at the Elizabethtown premiere, what he thought about the banishment of the International Freedom Center from ground zero, Stone buttoned up. “I won’t answer that. It’s too controversial,” he said. But isn’t the director in the midst of making his own movie, starring Nicolas Cage, about two Port Authority cops who were rescued from the rubble on September 11? “What’s your name?” he responded. Jada. “Jada what?” Jada Yuan. “Good to know. If you write anything, I’ll kill you.”

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