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Senator Pothole Gets Ready to Rumble

D’Amato wants to "bury" Dem big shot Zimmerman.


Ever think that those pundits frothing at the mouth on Fox News are just playing a role, like pasty, paunchy professional wrestlers? Not former senator Al D’Amato. After calling Dem donor Robert Zimmerman an “insolent little brat” in the heat of an exchange about the Iraq war on Fox News Live October 17, he kept at it backstage within earshot of Fox News staffers. “D’Amato said something like, ‘You try that fucking wiseguy shit with me again and I’ll really bury you on camera next time,’ ” a witness said. “He was spewing profanities.” Zimmerman declined to discuss the incident, saying only: “I apologize to the senator for upsetting him, and I’m flattered that he thinks I’m young enough to be a brat.” A D’Amato rep e-mailed: “He does not recall exactly what he said. But he did indicate that if there was a further occasion to debate Zimmerman on camera, he would bury him. He also said there will not be a next time because he will not go on with that jackass.”

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