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Boldfaced-Name Poll

Avian flu vs. terrorism edition.


What’s scarier, the bird flu or subway bombers? A nightlife survey.

Peter Bogdanovich: “I’m more worried about the avian flu. I avoid the subway since I started doing The Sopranos.”

Amber Tamblyn: “I guess I’d go with bird flu.”

Lydia Hearst: “I don’t usually ride on the subways unless I can’t catch a taxi. I do take my vitamins.”

Cynthia Rowley: “What if a bird gets on the subway? Then you’re doomed.”

Sara Ramirez: “Any bird comes flying by my face, I can swat it away. But if I’m down in the subways, I’m kind of screwed.”

Chloë Sevigny: “Doesn’t avian flu affect old people more? I’m young and healthy. I have a strong constitution. My mother breast-fed me for years.”

Damon Dash: “I wasn’t even thinking about them, but now I’m scared. Of both.”

Mayor Bloomberg (at Iman’s book party): “I take the subway every day. I feel comfortable on the streets like most people do. Avian flu has real potential for a disaster—at the moment, there’s no vaccine.” (Bloomberg aide: “They asked him that? At a party? Unbelievable!”)

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