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Senile Tycoon Again ‘Kidnapped’!

Where’s Dr. Hofmann now?


The tug-of-war continues over senile 98-year-old gazillionaire Dr. Herbert Hofmann. Early this year, a longtime paramour, Genevieve Pignarre, 61, spirited him to Paris (see “Hijacking Dr. Hofmann,” from October 10). She says they married in 2003 for love and she took him to Paris only after the lawyer for the doctor’s estate, Arie David, accused her of being a gold digger (Hofmann’s guardian, who is David’s daughter, got their marriage annulled in July, but that decision is on appeal). On October 26, “six people showed up, said that they represented the guardian, and they just took him,” says a friend of Pignarre’s. (It was unclear whether they represented David’s daughter, or the French-government-appointed guardian—or both.) Pignarre “didn’t even get a receipt.” Her attorney, Kirsten Brodsky, confirms that “she doesn’t know where he is, and she’s still his wife.” David didn’t return calls.

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