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Judith Miller, Right-Wing Hero?

“I’m agnostic,” says conservative-blog kingpin.


Judith Miller’s tentative courtship of right-wing opinion-mongers (see her new chumminess with the New York Post’s Andrea Peyser) continues November 16 when she speaks at the Rainbow Room launch party for a new conservative-tilting blogger-compilation group called Pajamas Media. The new site—which will offer daily highlights from more than 70 blogs—has already been tagged online as “the Huffington Post for ugly people.” Co-founder Roger Simon calls it “more politically balanced than the Huffington Post”; however, with an editorial board that includes New York Post columnist John Podhoretz and “Instapundit” Glenn Reynolds, he may mean more “fair and balanced.” Miller has hardly been a shrinking violet lately (appearing last week on Larry King Live and at the $375-a-plate Media Law Resource Center dinner), but she hasn’t won over Simon yet. “I’m agnostic on Judith Miller,” he says, “but it’s an extremely interesting time in the history of blogging and journalism, and she’s been right in the eye of the storm. I’m sure she’s not going to use four-letter words. Well, I’m almost sure.”

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