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Can Anything Stop Tina Brown?

A fun diva tale.


Tina Brown wants to make it perfectly clear that she does not think Hillary Clinton is stoppable, despite the fact that the December 17 issue of the British magazine The Spectator has an article by her titled “Can Anything Stop Hillary? Yes, Says Tina Brown. Another Sex Scandal Involving Her Husband Could Seriously Damage Hillary Clinton’s Bid for the White House.” According to a source close to The Spectator’s editor, Boris Johnson, when Brown saw the proof for the piece, she called up pleading that the headline be changed. “Brown was worried that she would be denied future access to Hillary,” says the source. But it was too late; the magazine had already gone to press. The source says Brown then asked if she could pay to reprint it, but her request was denied. Johnson did agree to change the headline on the Website, however. It now reads “Can Anything Stop Hillary? No, Says Tina Brown. Only If Bill Clinton Becomes a Liability Instead of an Asset,” which Brown says better reflects what her column was saying. As for the offer to correct it on paper by reprinting it, she says, “Are you kidding? Of course I didn’t do that. But I guess that makes the fun diva story you’d like to write.”

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