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Google’s Oodles is finally going public, with a possible valuation of $36 billion. How does that compare with some other figures?


$308 billion = Microsoft’s valuation
$47 billion = Projected annual budget of New York City for fiscal year 2005
$46 billion = Bill Gates’s net worth
$40 billion = Department of Homeland Security’s 2005 budget
$37 billion = Estimated loss to U.K. economy from the aftereffects of drinking (sickness, lost productivity, etc.)

$35 billion = Maximum amount of money Mohamed Suharto is estimated to have stolen from the Indonesian government
$35 billion = Amount of debt WorldCom wiped out in its bankruptcy settlement
$32 billion = GDP of Kenya
$7.8 billion = Rupert Murdoch’s net worth
$1 billion = Cost of the August 2003 blackout in NYC

The Same
The estimated net worth of Warren Buffett
The annual budget of Massachusetts
Maximum amount of money estimated to be laundered annually in China
The annual sales of Tyco
Department of Homeland Security’s 2004 budget
Interest on Canada’s national debt
Estimated amount needed for reconstruction in Iraq


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