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Mesclun Or Marijuana?

FreshDirect vs. FreshDirect


Copyright violation is one of the few societal woes that antidrug forces haven’t been able to blame on pot. No longer. Presumably seeking to associate itself with FreshDirect’s reputation for quick and efficient distribution of organic products, a New York pot-delivery service has hijacked the online grocer’s name and logo.


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Category Fresh Direct (legal) Fresh Direct (illegal)
Products Offered Fresh fruit, smoked salmon, Brie Marijuana
Ordering Method Online Exclusively by phone
Sample Prices Cortland apples, $1.49 per pound; Sainte-Maure goat-cheese logs, $3.99 each $50 per eighth-ounce
Time It Takes to Get Order By the next day Usually within 30 minutes
Latest Delivery Time 11:30 p.m. 9 p.m.
Delivery Zones Manhattan, some parts of Brooklyn and Queens Manhattan only
Delivery Method Employee in truck Drug dealer on bike
Proper Tipping Etiquette Tips are optional, says Invitation to “hit this J”
What It Means to “Order Lettuce” You are actually ordering lettuce You are using an esoteric term for pot