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RNC Souvenirs

What was the best—and worst—part of your week in New York?


Rose Strong, delegate, Washington state; ex-councilwoman in Georgia: “First black woman to be elected to anything down there”
Best: Would have to be that Nextel NASCAR feast on Pier 60.
Worst: Trying to get across the street to the hotel without swatting one of those protesters.

Dale Axelrod, cartoonist, Kerry supporter, San Francisco
Best: Finally getting an Italian ice that tastes good.
Worst: Being chased by the police continually, even though all I’m doing is trying to register people to vote.

Dot Greener, delegate, Arizona; retired psychologist who adhered to “the Republican principles of personal responsibility” in her practice
Best: The police. Everywhere we go, there they are.
Worst: The attempts of the protesters to discourage us. But they’ll learn how determined we are.

Marshall Douglas, protester wearing barrel outside Fox News
Best: Being able to express my First Amendment rights.
Worst: Having to express them to George Bush.

Kay Jennings, delegate, Hot Springs, Arkansas; retired from state government
Best: Seeing Phantom—even if I saw it before.
Worst: This ugly character spit at me, if you can believe that. He didn’t even know me.

Tim Morgan, delegate, Santa Cruz, California
Best: Lunch with General Tommy Franks. He showed this brand of southern humor I didn’t know he had.
Worst: Sitting through Aïda. I mean, the hats? If that isn’t Elton John, I don’t know what is.


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