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Chelsea Clinton: Working Girl

Junior Vasquez, Chelsea Clinton, Harrison Ford, Gwen Stefani...


For most college grads, this is the toughest job market in years, but Chelsea Clinton, who doesn’t finish up at Oxford until the spring, has already lined up a gig. Sources tell us that the former First Daughter has been offered a position with McKinsey, the powerhouse consulting firm. “I know she had an interview and got a good offer,” one Chelsea pal tells us. (Neither McKinsey nor Clinton returned calls by press time.) Sources say her starting salary is probably about $65,000.

Junior Vasquez's Divas du Jour

Earth to Junior Vasquez—your friendship with Madonna died a long time ago. We hear that Madge hit the roof when she heard Vasquez was distributing his mix of her new single, “Die Another Day,” and had her suits fire off a cease-and-desist letter. Madonna’s rep tells us that Vasquez did ask for his work to be sanctioned as an authorized remix but got rejected: “He was exploiting a song that did not have the approval of Madonna’s management.” Vasquez’s rep insists that the D.J. never distributed the mix and has played it only a handful of times. The two haven’t spoken in about six years, ever since Vasquez used snippets of a message the singer left on his answering machine for his club anthem “If Madonna Calls . . . ” That’s okay—Vasquez is pulling a couple more divas out of his hat. He’s recorded a ditty called “Crack Is Wack,” which includes sound bites from Whitney Houston’s interview with Diane Sawyer. “It’s pretty sweet,” a fan tells us. “It’s mixed with ‘Diane, let me tell you one thing . . . Crack is wack.” He’s also done a dance mix of the theme song of Anna Nicole Smith’s reality show; it’s titled “It’s Me.”

Harrison Ford's Reality Show

Just days after Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett were slightly bruised in a car accident during the filming of a chase scene in their upcoming action-comedy, Hollywood Homicide, director Ron Shelton was thrown another curveball—a visit from the cops. “I was shooting in Hollywood at an old motel, and the real LAPD came chasing a real murder suspect right through our set,” Shelton told us last week. “Our location manager thought we were parking our cop cars in the wrong lot, so he came running over to us in a panic, but then he discovered it was a real chase.

She’s Just a Girl Who Loves Freebies

When Safilo, the sunglasses-manufacturing company, offered Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale some free sunglasses, the rock-star newlyweds sent back a typed list of 100 pairs. “They knew that some styles were not yet available,” a rep for the two wrote in an e-mail to Safilo, “so they listed everything they liked.” The rep was thoughtful enough to stipulate that Stefani “doesn’t like mirrored lenses” and that she was hoping to get her shades before her upcoming trip to England. Safilo sent along nine pairs.

Mario Buatta: Show Me the Money

Mario Buatta is warning friends who have signed up to teach at the Learning Annex that they had better get it all in writing. The Prince of Chintz, who has made bundles decorating for Barbara Walters, S. I. Newhouse, Mariah Carey, and Billy Joel, claims he’s been shortchanged by the adult-ed outfit. Buatta says he was promised 15 percent of ticket sales for an October lecture and was furious when his ultimate take turned out to be only $280. Though he says 82 people attended his decorating lecture, the Annex told him last week they counted only 64. Also, the Annex at first claimed he had been promised only 10 percent, then, after he complained, threw him an extra $150. Even worse, Buatta says, he also paid for a dinner with an Annex staffer after the lecture: “I ended up making, I think, $5.” For his part, Annex director Steven Schragis insists fourteen people asked for refunds because the class was “such a bad experience,” and Buatta got paid for what the Annex collected from students: “We ended up losing money on this.”

NO FEAR: Socialite Nina Griscom—who recently split with her plastic-surgeon husband, Dan Baker, after her embarrassingly public affair with married sugar baron Pepe Fanjul—raised eyebrows last week while getting cozy with a dark, handsome man at Joe’s Pub during a performance by René Risqué & the Art Lovers. The two sat in the VIP section, wearing matching FUCK FEAR stickers on their T-shirts.

BISTRO BUZZ: Rumor has it that Keith McNally, of Pastis and Balthazar, will open a German Jewish restaurant, tentatively named Schneider’s, on Rivington Street this summer.

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