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Le Sex Sells

A French perfumer on his new “freedom oil.”


Parisian perfumer Frédéric Malle has long had success with his Musc Ravageur fragrance. But now he’s whipped the scent into a $75 “huile à tout faire,” or all-purpose oil. We slapped some on—bypassing the waiting list at Barneys—and rang him up.

What’s the philosophy behind this oil?
It’s freedom oil! You can put it all over. It’s a technology for maximum sexy pleasure.

Oh. [To our assistant: “Could you go get a pack of handiwipes at Duane Reade? Hurry!”] And why turn this scent into a body oil?
I first tested the fragrance on my assistant Mylene. That evening, a crazy guy chased her home on the métro. It is a musk that destroys everything in its passage.

And how has it been received on these shores?
When I had my launch party in New York, this big guy said, “Mr. Malle, you have changed my life!” You see, it is not a fragrance that the large houses can do. It is too naughty.


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