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Tread Thrill?

A new sneaker promises to reduce cellulite by making you walk like your “barefoot ancestors.”


Are those moon boots you’re wearing?
Nope! They’re Masai Barefoot Technology Sneakers or “anti-cellulite” shoes. They let you “simulate the walking action of our barefoot ancestors”— who, we presume, had tight, smooth butts. They’re $199 via Bliss’s catalogue (join the wait-list now, and there’s hope for the post-holiday you).

How do they work?
We defer to Bliss’s Marcia Kilgore: “They change your posture and increase lymphatic drainage. One woman swears that after a month, 50 percent of her cellulite disappeared!”

How’s your cellulite?
No change after one weekend, but our boyfriend did ask, “Why are you wearing such ugly shoes?”


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