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Vanity, Thy Name Is Donatella. And Yohji . . .

When logos simply aren’t enough, designers put themselves on clothes.


Designers are not a retiring bunch. But surely even their love of self-branding has its limits, right? Of course not. Take Donatella Versace, who just last season pioneered the I’m-going-to-put-a big-ole-picture-of-myself-on-a-T-shirt-and-don’t-even-try-to-stop-me trend. This season, she’s offering a new body-hugging bit of cotton ($255) featuring a David LaChapelle photograph of herself, and, on the back, a subtle message: CALL ME. 1-900-DONATELLA. (Sadly, it “could not be completed as dialed.”) And Donatella’s not the only one. Giorgio Armani, in a marginally more minimalist gesture, has covered a simple white viscose top with his giant, grinning face ($475).

Yohji Yamamoto, who usually favors a deconstructionist approach to fashion, has gone Wheaties-box. His Y-3 collection is a collaboration with artist Saeko Tsuemura, who did a series of illustrations called “Heroes” starring the “ultimate Y-3 hero, Yamamoto himself.” (The vest is $1,100.) We have absolutely no idea what the medals are for (archery?), but Yamamoto must have earned them.


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