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Let's Party Like It's 1854

Louis Vuitton's birthday: luxe, volupté, no calme


It’s been a while since there was a properly over-the-top Fashion Week blowout. And so on Tuesday, February 10, Louis Vuitton generously steps in to fill the void. The first in a series of events celebrating the brand’s 150th year—and the opening of its massive new flagship on 57th Street—the party promises to cost as much as the Bush deficit. While Vuitton remains cagey about the details (we’re sending in David Kay), what we do know is this: A mysterious structure is under construction, with bits being shipped by freighter from New Zealand, and there will be surprise entertainment (not Janet Jackson). Then guests will be shuttled from the store by Range Rover to an undisclosed location—Mars?—where they will be plied with champagne and lots of trippy LV graphics. Sounds fun, but there’d better be a really good goody bag.

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