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Ali, Uncensored

Ali Wentworth swears she won’t boast about her sex life with George Stephanopoulos again on her new show. Honest.


Ali's advice:"Fight back. I was pissed. You don't say no comment."  

Aside from the ratings on his ABC talk show, George Stephanopoulos has a new set of worries—the new CBS morning talk show his wife, Ali Wentworth, is co-hosting with newsman Jack Ford. “George is like, ‘Oh, God, Ali’s on TV and it’s live,’ ” cries Wentworth. “ ‘She has no self-censorship mechanism whatsoever!’ ”

This was apparent a few weeks ago when the tabs reported their marriage was in trouble. Wentworth fought back, telling the Washington Post the couple has a healthy sex life. The former Clinton White House adviser was not amused. “But I was pissed off,” his wife says. “You don’t say no comment. You say, ‘We fuck twice a day!’ ” But she’s learning. Sort of. During one pilot, she and Ford discussed a singing gynecologist. “I said, ‘Would my vagina chime in?’ But Jack is so straight he wouldn’t even say vagina. I kept saying, ‘Say it!’ The audience was hysterical, but the producers said, ‘You said vagina ten times. That is going to freak out our audience!’ ” But once Living It Up! With Ali & Jack airs on September 15, Wentworth says, “it will be much more me-and-George-went-to-the-movies-last-night. I’m not going to say things like ‘My husband gave it to me last night!’ ”

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