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Design a Bridge

Judge: Richard Meier


For our second competition, we decided to expand outside of New York—all the way to New Jersey. The challenge: to design a new Hudson River bridge. Entries ranged from the environmentally sound—a crossing made of garbage recycled from the Hudson—to the economically savvy: a bridge with built-in advertising space, and one that would incorporate a car wash. Richard Meier (the architect behind L.A.’s Getty Center and the glass-walled Perry Street towers that overlook the Hudson) chose the top three designs. The next challenge is to create a new gym, with David Barton as the judge.

The Winner
Gateway Bridge

Submitted by: Mick Walsdorf and Jon Kully, principal designers, FLAnk Architecture.
The idea: This structure includes office space and entertainment venues as well as crossings for pedestrians, trains, and vehicles. The bridge seeks to be more than just a passage between Jersey and the city by becoming part of the cityscape itself.
Meier says: “This proposal separates vehicular and pedestrian traffic and is visually innovative. The result has potential to be a lively addition to the Manhattan skyline and is a design with high artistic and symbolic values. It is original and memorable.”

The winner, as seen at night and during the day, below.  

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