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Yep, I'm ... Game


The phone rings. Another media outlet wanting to know if it's true she's outing herself. Liz rolls her eyes. "There are people, you know, who seem to think I should have never written a column without a disclaimer about my sexuality," she says. "I'd like to say that doesn't bother me, but it does bother me. I mean, you won't put a disclaimer on your byline. You won't say, you know, 'By Lisa, devout heterosexual' or whatever. I really didn't feel I was under any obligation to make any public statement. I didn't think my sex life was that interesting. And you know, it was always more about my emotional life anyway."

The truth is, Liz has never wanted to be the role model that gay people expect her to be. Why, she once told the gay magazine OutWeek, should she have "to march down the street being an exhibitionist asshole"?

But now that she has made a public statement, does she regret it?

"Well, no!" says Liz. "I've led a wonderful life. I have no complaints." As she escorts me to the door, she takes my arm. "You know what the real surprise of this book is?" she says. "That I come out as a heterosexual. Because as I get older, you know, I prefer men to women, I must say. It's a lot simpler."

But she'd still like Hilary Swank to play her in the movie.


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