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New York's Power Siblings

Sure, New York's a good place to flee one's folks, but it's also a city where family ties run deep -- and strange. The same parents produced Donald Trump and a judge? Diana Ross and a doctor? Paris and Nicky Hilton? (Well, maybe not that strange.) A look at New York's most dynamic brother-and-sister acts: They fight, they trade favors, they want to kill each other, they love each other to death -- and they keep the rest of us deeply entertained.

Illustration by Drew Friedman  

Jennifer & Lynda Lopez

You know you're in a weird family moment when one sister is interviewing another on the red carpet outside the Oscars. "Versace?" asked Lynda Lopez, 30, wielding the mike for the WB. "What else?" quipped her older sister J.Lo, 32. Three Lopez sisters shared a room in the Bronx: Leslie, now 34, is a mother and music teacher in Westchester; Jennifer scandalized the family by dropping out of Baruch after one semester; Lynda, the self-described "family brainiac," went to Long Island University. Now Jennifer's developing a sitcom pilot based on their childhood experiences (described by Lynda as "strict curfews, no going out on weeknights, and no dating until you were some ridiculous age"). But don't expect to see Lynda, now at NBC, in a cameo. "You have to be crazy to want to be an actor," she has said. "I want to be able to come out of a bar at 3 a.m. and not have to worry about who's there."