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New York's Power Siblings

Matthew, 31, and Emily, 24, Kramer

Co-founders of Cake, a downtown sex party

Matt on Emily: "I have no interest in knowing about my sister's personal sexual experiences. At our strip-a-thon parties, she's the one who starts off the striptease. People will come up to me and say, 'Dude, your sister's stripping,' or 'Your sister's hot.' At that point, I just check out."

Emily on Matt: "We talk about what porn we should sell on our Website totally in business terms. It's never personal, ever. That's a necessary boundary. We'll be talking about the design of a vibrator together, and he'll say, 'It should have this shape,' and I'll say, 'Well . . . you know, I don't know if it should have this shape.' I can top him on that."

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