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New York's Power Siblings

Illustration by Drew Friedman  

The Trumps
Donald Trump, 56, is a developer. Maryanne Trump Barry, 65, is a federal appeals court judge in New Jersey.

Judge Barry, you didn't go into the family business?
Maryanne: I knew better even as a child than to even attempt to compete with Donald. I wouldn't have been able to win. He was building models when he was very young. Huge buildings.
Donald Trump: I think we're both lucky she didn't want to. We'd have been butting heads.
Maryanne: I worked for my father for a number of summers, but I was doing woman's work, decorating lobbies. I didn't go back to law school until my son David was in sixth grade.
Donald: But she ultimately became a federal judge, one notch below the Supreme Court!
Maryanne: (grinning) I held New York City in contempt for Fresh Kills polluting the Jersey shore.
Donald: Which didn't exactly make me popular in New York. I was taking heat.
What don't people know about your brother?
Maryanne: Six years ago, I had an operation. Donald came to the hospital every single day. Once would have been enough -- the duty call. That's how love shows, when you go that extra yard. Last year, on his birthday, I had a little dinner at my apartment. I cooked. No maids, I don't have a maid. And Donald said afterward, "That was just like Mom made!" That was what I was waiting for. Just like Mom made.
Donald: She's never told me that before, so I'm very, very . . .
Maryanne: Well, my praise is sparing as the older sister.

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