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New York's Power Siblings

Brothers at odds: Sam, top, and Harlan, bottom.  

Sam Waksal, 54, and Harlan Waksal, 49

Under indictment for insider trading, ImClone impresario Sam Waksal is now being sued by the very company he founded eighteen years ago. And who is sitting in the president's office? Younger brother Harlan, the suburban dad who started the company but (coke bust in the eighties notwithstanding) raised kids in Jersey while Sam courted the likes of Martha Stewart and Mick Jagger in the Hamptons. Harlan has recused himself from board votes affecting Sam. But at least one ex-employee wonders if the family isn't still sticking together: "Harlan and Sam might have talked about it. He might have said, 'Look, we're going to sue you; it'll create a pretense of animosity.' "

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