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New York's Power Siblings

The Cuomos

Andrew, 44, politician, and Chris, 32, 20/20 correspondent

The Cuomo boys, who garner more ink than their three sisters -- Maria Cuomo Cole, Margaret, and Madeline -- are close, if differently tempered. "Andrew is much more cerebral," says one friend of the family, "while Chris is this nice guy who knows how to play the game. I've always gotten the feeling that Andrew fucks with Chris a little bit." Chris arrived at the start of his father's political career. "In those early years, Andrew spent a lot of time with him," Mario says, "taught him how to fix cars and ride a bike. He was more than a big brother, and that has never changed. Chris is a little swifter, I think, in repartee, especially in humorous situations. He was serving as emcee at family events when he was 14, and did it at his brother's bachelor party when he was 19."

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