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New York's Power Siblings

Illustration by Drew Friedman  

Victoria Gotti & John A. Jr.

The family that puts up bail together stays together: In 2000, both Victoria, now 38, the thriller writer turned Post columnist, and her brother, Junior, 37, the Gambino-family acting boss (once referred to as "a babbling idiot" by his father, John) each put up their million-dollar mansions to bail out Victoria's then-husband, Carmine Agnello. Nice gesture, but no dice: Agnello's now in jail until 2010 for racketeering. Junior, alas, fell prey to a similar indictment; now he's behind bars until 2005, which is why he missed Dad's funeral in June. "The private joke within the family is that we're Irish twins -- we're born only about a year apart," says Victoria. "I would think we're closer than twins. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for him. I remember I was a skinny kid with glasses, knock-kneed, always ill, and he just always rushed to my aid. He was that protective of me."

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