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The Big Question


September 1, 2004

Is Dick Cheney a liability to the presidential ticket?

Joe Trippi
Fmr. Dean Campaign Manager
Yeah, he’s a drain. He’s got the lowest favorable/unfavorable ratings of anybody in the second position I’ve seen since I’ve been in the business. But he appeals so much to their base that the GOP can’t push him out.

Harold Ickes
Fmr. Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff
No. Cheney is a very critical link between George Bush and the conservative base. I think Bush overlearned the mistakes of his father’s tenuous connection with that base. That said, on balance, Cheney is a net plus to the ticket.

Howard Wolfson
Fmr. Spokesman for Hillary Clinton
"Cheney is among the most powerful and least popular Vice Presidents in history. It's too late to dump him from the ticket -- perhaps he could find an undisclosed location to disapear to for the next six months."

NOTE: The quote attributed to Howard Wolfson in the print version of today's Convention Daily should have been attributed to Norman Adler. Wolfson's original quote is above. New York regrets the error.


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