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There were more than 1,000 arrests Tuesday, the day of civil disobedience staged by the anarchist group A31 Action Coalition and others. And the activity could be monitored by cell phone thanks to, the free service activists used to communicate with each other during the action. A sampling of the reports:


15:32:02: about 100 people at war resisters vigil- ground zero, need more

16:15:19: Half of WRL march is being detained by orange netting on Fulton btwn Church andBroadway

17:06:57: Bryant Park near Public Library-lots of police gathering, and waiting

18:03:30: police pushing people off library steps/also police vans headed south on 5th ave from 20th st

18:11:15: large #’s of cops headed west towards public library, scooters

19:26:17: Pepper spray used at Herald Sqaure (33rd and 6th). About 1000 people there, traffic mostly blocked.

19:51:45: Union Square - medics and marching band targeted. Medic also snatched at Herald Square.

19:53:20: Union Sq. at 16th st. things arrests getting violent, people completely penned in.

20:01:20: Video cameras needed at Irving and E16th, near Union Square.

20:44:02: 26th and Park, spontaneous march being chased on foot by police. Arrests.

23:27:45: Busses full arrestees are lined up on the West Side HW btwn 15&18 St waiting to enter pier 57

23:42:46: Lots of arrestees tonight! Show them your support! Meet folks as there released @ 100 Center St. 9am-1am.


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