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The Luxe List

Want to rough it in style? Get out your credit card.


For a family of four, add to the basic 72-hour kit:

  • Mobiflex portable shelter system ($2,700)

  • Altec suspension expedition backpacks ($329), Eagle Gear "War Bags" ($195), or Israeli Army backpacks ($250)

  • 3 professional walkie-talkies ($3,000)

  • Fully stocked professional paramedic's first-aid kit ($450)

  • Nomad portable solar E-kit, to charge batteries and provide emergency light ($450)

  • 2 portable showers ($80)

  • 4 top-grade fixed-blade knives ($1,200)

  • Maxa Beam searchlight ($1,687)

  • 4 top-grade multi-tools ($400)

  • Lansky sharpening kit ($60)

  • Emergency clothing -- top-grade boots, raincoats, parkas, etc. ($2,500)

  • Emergency transportation -- 3 folding Montague bikes ($1,200)

  • 1 HOPE (high-office parachute escape, available at for landing safely from a window higher than 100 feet ($899)

  • Top-grade police radio scanner ($800)

  • Emergency food for one month -- freeze-dried MREs, etc. ($200)

  • Primus multi-fuel camp stove ($130)

  • 2 pneumatic Tasers and 4 cans of Punch O.C. spray ($450)

  • 3 adult hazmat A- or C-class suits ($1,000)

  • Sea Eagle 14SR sport boat and outboard motor -- for evacuation by Hudson or East River ($3,200)

  • 1 ATACS (all-terrain all-purpose cart sled, available from Ferno), for towing all of the above; it handles up to 400 pounds of gear ($759)

TOTAL COST: $21,494


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