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Purrfect Pet?

It’s no tiger, but it’s still one wild house cat.


What’s that frothing in your living room? Mini-Ming?! No! It’s a Savannah cat—a legal pet, with just a frisson of ferocity.

How jungle-chic . . . Yup. It’s part cat and part African serval, a savannah-dwelling feline that catches birds in mid-flight! (Michael Douglas gave his serval away because it was too hard to handle.) Savannahs grow to over twenty pounds and enjoy head-butting, baths, and opening cabinets. Easily.

Where can I spot one? Two kittens are on the prowl weekdays at Le Petit Puppy, a pet store on Christopher Street. They’re not for sale, but lists breeders. Savannahs cost around $6,000.

Does that include a stun gun? Savannah fans swear they’re friendly. “I’ve never been bit,” says breeder Allison Navarro. But keep some raw chicken handy . . .


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